Holistic Expressions is dedicated to taking the whole person into account, in learning, exploring, understanding, and expanding, nurturing and expressing one's gifts.

We all have our own unique, special gifts. Some of us need to discover and explore what they are and expand on them. Some of us have forgotten our gifts, as we have put them away for another time, and need only to re-claim them. Some of us think we have no gifts at all, and need to re-connect with our natural inner gifts and see them, maybe as if for the first time, for the beauty and the power of what they really are.

No matter where we find ourselves in our gifts journey, we can all go to our next level. There is always a next level. And the very next level is most often very "do-able". We, at Holistic Expressions are dedicated to supporting you in reaching your next level.

So what is Holistic Expressions all about? We offer unique, dynamic empowerment seminars for all ages including seniors & teens that assists others in claiming and re-claiming their gifts. Our website is dedicated to bringing you the latest in inspirational on-line articles, supplementary educational materials, such as CDs and DVDs from seminar participants and guest speakers.

So what is Holistic Musical Expressions all about? We offer individual private holistic voice lessons & workshops & educational materials based on "Tao of Voice, The Way of The Breath Voice Method" © and a live, ongoing weekly New England Musicians Showcase & Musicians Showcase Monthly Newsletter. Our website is dedicated to bringing you the latest in inspirational on-line articles, monthly Musicians Showcase Newsletter, music clips and educational materials such as workbooks, "Tao of Voice, the Way of The Breath Voice Method" book and on-line classes.

We hope you are uplifted and inspired through our website to claim and re-claim your gifts. May you find and reach your next level and celebrate your life. May you share these gifts with all those around you, and may they be inspired by you to share their gifts with those around them.

May we all express our gifts! - Valerie & Rick


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